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General data

Type ISK 70-755
Article number 1203-0020
Safety category cat 2 PL d complies to ISO EN 13849
Voltage supply 24 V DC
Input 2 x inductive
Output 2 x redundant semiconductor output
Housing without housing

Supply voltage

Mains voltage UE = 24 V DC
Current cosumption IE < 30 mA
Power consumption PE < 0.75 VA


Coil core SPK 54 S and 55  
Mounting set ISB A 4 holder up for SPK 55, holder down for SPK 55, cover cap
  SPK 54, rope clamping unit, cover cap for rope clamping
  unit, steel cable PU-jacketed sealing flap

Product image

  • Indus
  • ISK 70-755

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