Sends the
Right Signal.
Sends the Right Signal.
Safe Controls for
Doors and Gates
Safe Controls for Doors and Gates

Signal Transmission & Drive Controls

In addtion to safety sensors and safety relays, ASO also offers signal transmissions and drive controls for doors and gates.

On moving doors and gates ASO-signal transmission systems ELMON inductive have the task of transmitting the signal from the moving safety contact edge, free of maintenance and wear and tear, to the safety relay. This safety relay guarantees a high level of safety by using redundancy techniques.

DRICO drive controls feature a compact design and high flexibility. Various means of communication between the control and the door or gate are possible. Furthermore DRICO drive controls have been optimized to include all the latest safety transmissions. Equipped with a frequency converter doors and gates can be gently operated due to smooth starts and stops. An additional safety-orientated evaluation is no longer required. DRICO drive controls can be found on automatic high speed doors, special cold store doors, all types of sliding gates and vertical doors. ASO's DRICO drive controls are always reliable, even under extreme conditions.

All ELMON inductive signal transmission systems and DRICO drive controls are tested according to current safety standards. During the production process the systems are tested several times to ensure high quality and safety for the user.

As ASO Safety Solutions specifically developed all their products so that they can be customized to customer's needs, feel free to put us to the test with any technical challenge you have!


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