ASO GmbH – Safety systems such as pressure-sensitive bumpers and pressure- sensitive mats, gate controls, etc.

ASO GmbH has a wide range of products that includes not only safety systems, such as pressure-sensitive bumpers or pressure-sensitive mats, but also gate controls, for instance. This website offers details about the items in our product line – reliable bumpers for securing various pinching or shearing points, safety mats for industry, inductive signal transmission systems, and much more.

A data sheet for each contact edge / pressure-sensitive bumper as well as pressure-sensitive mat / contact mat is available for downloading. Certificates for the safety bumpers, safety mats, etc. can be viewed online. The areas of application for the bumpers and other safety systems are also described. For instance, bumpers can be used in public transportation for protection against pinching and crushing injures. All of the safety systems – such as bumpers and safety mats – but the other elements of the product range, too, e. g. gate controls, are presented in full detail.

In order to display the contents of the bumpers, the other safety systems, etc., a Flash Player is required, which you can download here.

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